I am a painter of abstract art. My hope is that my work will transport the viewer each time they experience them and be taken to a mental landscape of contemplation. One of my biggest influences is travel. Travel opens up your mind and frees the imagination to new experiences. Getting lost in a huge city and exploring. Nature and organic movement such as smoke, water, magnetic fields, even the global migration of animals and the way birds and fish move in unison influence me. Chaos theory and time itself are all influences on my mental process when working on a painting. The dichotomy of randomness and order existing at the same moment are what I try to capture and yet with a complexity that must be there because nothing is really absolute black and white. To view the world in that way is too easy and convenient and as a result too limiting. I create artwork outside the range of most artists. I explore that grey area that usually goes unnoticed and yet is all around us.

Los Angeles Fine Art Abstract Artist - Nestor Toro with his chihuahua Iggy


Nestor was born in Puerto Rico. As a young man Nestor’s interest in art was fueled by the hours that he would spend at the museum of fine art in Ponce, Puerto Rico. It was there he was exposed to and developed a deep appreciation for the diversity of artistic styles and disciplines.

Another passion that would prove to have the most influential of all on him would be his love of travel. Nestor was always drawn to travel. He yearned to see the world and explore its vastness and to experience the adventure he knew existed off of the small tropical island he called home. He left the island at 16 for the mainland to pursue his love of travel and was educated and worked in the travel industry.His work allowed him the opportunity to do extensive world travel visiting over 20 countries and further exposing him to other cultures.

He has lived in Miami, Los Angeles, and has spent extended periods of time living out of the United States having lived for 1 year in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and most recently for six years (2006 – 2012) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was during his time living in Buenos Aires that his creative inspiration was fully ignited as he was fueled by the vibrant and rich culture juxtaposed with the extremes of wealth and manic chaos with abject poverty which coexist side by side.It was in this unique situation that his first paintings were created and evolved.

“I was always interested in art but something about this amazing city in South America really set me on this path of painting. I truly feel that travelling and leaving our comfort zones allows us to discover what our true passions are.” He continues, “Only then can we reach our potential and living in Buenos Aires changed me and challenged me to push myself in unexpected ways!”

When asked about where he gets inspiration for his creations he says, “I remember being at my father’s business. He worked with fiberglass which is made mixing fluid resins together to create something entirely different than they start out as. I remember the way that the various resins would swirl and blend together forming complex and intricate patterns. This is very similar to the work I do when I overlay the fluid acrylics on canvas.”

He is also fascinated by the blending of colors and the fluidity and visual pleasure that come with observing the almost organic and natural flow of patterns. He recalls traveling deep inside Brazil and up the Amazon river to “Encontro das Aguas” which translates to “meeting of the waters”. This is an amazing natural phenomenon where the clear water of the river meets with the darker mineral laden water. For miles they flow side by side creating intricate patterns while slowly mixing in a fascinating ever changing liquid dance of intricate patterns.

He is also influenced by aquariums. He is fascinated with the harmonious flow and undulation of the tropical plants as they move with the current in the underwater world. This acts as a backdrop for the rich vibrant color of exotic tropical fish as they move in unison with coordinated fluid motion in schools, very reminiscent of the intricate almost organic fractal like patterns of the artworks that he creates.

Nestor’s paintings are abstract in style which leave the viewer free to experience the artwork through the color combinations, brush strokes, and other special techniques. Nestor’s artwork is intended to be a visual experience which evoke a feeling of transport from the viewer. Just as his world travels have taken him physically to exotic foreign locations which changed his perceptions, his artwork is intended to transport the viewer emotionally to another place for a similar experience that is different and unique for each viewer.

He is self-taught and works primarily with liquid acrylics, watercolors, and various inks in addition to many other mediums to create intricate works that lure the viewer in with the complexities of the color and pattern. His painting are typically comprised of multiple layers of liquid acrylic which are combined using various techniques to create each unique painting. He often uses unconventional objects such as kitchen utensils in his work to manipulate the liquid acrylic.

Each work will go through multiple incarnations as it evolves with layers upon layers added and combined in increasing complexity. These patterns are similar to what he witnessed at the “meeting of the waters” deep in the Amazon. He has an innate eye for color combinations that seems to come directly from his subconscious mind, and gives each painting its own unique personality and presence with such visual depth that it must be experienced by the viewer.

Nestor’s art has been exhibited numerous times in Buenos Aires at various venues and exhibitions during the six years he was living there. He has sold many pieces to private collectors in Buenos Aires where his Gerhard Richter and Jackson Pollock inspired works were first conceived and evolved. He states, “My hope is that those who own my work will be transported to a mental landscape of contemplation and motivation each time they view them.”

Nestor’s art was exhibited numerous times in Buenos Aires at exhibitions, galleries, and other venues during the six years he was living in Argentina (2006 – 2012) there. He sold many pieces to private collectors in Buenos Aires. Now back in Los Angeles, Nestor’s unique abstract artwork is being added to more and more contemporary fine art collections. His paintings are in private collections on 5 continents and countries including the USA, Italy, Japan, Canada, Argentina, Great Britain, Singapore, Spain, Ireland, Australia, and France.

Nestor lives and works in Los Angeles, California with his partner and their two Chihuahuas, Iggy and Ginger.